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Razorpay Rize is extending a helping hand

We understand that applying to YC may be overwhelming.
We are here to help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the YCombinator application & interview process.

Razorpay was among the first companies to get accepted at YC and we have helped more than 250 founders with the application process. We are here to help you through yours now!

SHashanK kumar

Co-founder and MD,

harshil MATHUR

Co-founder and CEO,

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Rize Timeline

Phase 1

APPLICATION submission



application feedback




(20 sept- 15 dec)

Important Dates

04th Aug 2022


20th Sept 2022


05th Sept 2022


15th Dec 2022


*This is the timeline Rize is set to follow.

Please check the YC Portal for the official timeline here.

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Founders Testimonials

As a first time founder who’s building right out of college, having your application reviewed by someone like Shashank Kumar at such an early stage, just helps in getting so much clarity with vision as well as the idea in entirety.
Arko Chattopadhyay
This is incredible. I never expected someone who is so busy running a unicorn to spend so much time reading our application without any expectation and giving valuable feedback. I still can't believe it!!! This is an amazing initiative.
Raghu Ramanathan
I really liked the feedback because it was to the point and brief, It was not generic so It give us a thought that someone has reviewed the answers very well. I asked doubts with the team and got the reply this shows that communication is managed carefully.
Rohit Jain
Razorpay Rize is a great initiative, the founder of Razorpay itself pointed out corrections in our YC application which helped us a lot. Thumbs Up to the Razorpay Rize team 👍
Palash Vijayvargiya
The feedback was super helpful. For example, I have much more clarity on things that would impact my application, whereas the points which can be removed. Also, having a better understanding of which part of my business needs improvement. Thanks a lot for the feedback and seamless process.
Kartikay Sharma
Razorpay Rize is a huge support in more ways than one, there is something for everyone, deals, mentorship, networking and even application reviews - they do all this is a very humble and selfless approach which is what makes it even better.
Faiz Sirkhot


Who is eligible to apply for Rize YC application reviews ?

If you are a founder looking for feedback on polishing your YC Winter 2023 application, you could apply for Rize YC application review.

When is the last date to register for Rize - YC application reviews?

5th September is the last date to register for feedback on your YC application. You'll hear back from us by 8th September. Applications for practice interviews will remain open till mid-December.

What is Razorpay Rize?

Razorpay Rize is a startup program focused on the growth journey of early-stage and bootstrapped startups. Rize is built to provide support, tools, resources and a community for startup launchers to pioneer and scale their companies.

I am not a part of Razorpay Rize. Can I still register?

Yes, you can register even if you're not a part of Razorpay Rize.

Is there a selection criterion?

No, there isn't any selection criterion. You just have to be an ambitious founder applying to YC W2023.

What is the cost of this program?

Zero. No cost at all. Rize for YC is our effort to help startup founders to streamline their YCW23 applications and land a solid application at a YC.

How do I apply for practice interviews?

Applications for practice interviews will start in September and remain open until mid-December. You can apply for both application review and practice interviews, or only application review/practice interviews.

Apply now to get your YC Winter 2023 pitch reviewed.

A chance to get expert guidance, feedback,  interviews & more.

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