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We know that incorporation can be daunting! So we created a comprehensive guide to registration processes, required documents, compliances and more for all company types.

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To summarize, you can opt for any of the above-mentioned incorporation types based on your business needs. There are a bunch of legal implications and requirements, but we have tried to answer most of your questions around Incorporation through this wiki.

Still in doubt about which type of incorporation suits your business? We have compiled the below table to help you give some clarity to help you make informed decisions relevant to your business.

Sole Proprietorship

1 Member
The pass-through tax advantage
Ease of creation
Low maintenance and cost
Fewer compliances
Undivided authority
Unlimited Liability
No perpetual succession
Raising Funds
Stunted Growth


2-20 Members
Easy Incorporation Process
Less Compliance
Sharing of Ownership
Legal Implications
Unlimited Liability
Limited Resources
Raising Funds

Limited Liability Partnership

No Limit on members
Limited liability
Separate Legal Entity
Straightforward registration process
Fewer compliances
No minimum capital contribution
Perpetual succession
No maximum limit of the partners
Dissolution of LLP
Raising Funds

Private Limited

2-200 Members
Limited liability
Separate Legal Entity
Perpetual succession
Foreign Investment & Funding
Tedious registration and dissolution process
More compliance requirements
Slow management and more dependencies

One-Person Company

1 Member
Limited liability
Easy Incorporation
Smooth Management
Perpetual Succession
Availability of Funds
Impractical business structure
Limited Resources

Public Company

7-Unlimited Members
Limited liability
Easy availability of capital
Exponential Growth
Transferability of Shares
Stringent regulations
Market vulnerability
High cost for formation and management
Ownership and Control issues

Section 8 Company

Depends on Public or Private company
Tax Benefits
Use of Title
Separate legal entity
The ease of title/ ownership
Zero Benefits
No profit distribution
Stringent rules and regulations
No alteration in MoA and AoA
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