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Frequently Asked Questions by the Community

Rize.Start Incorporation :

1. What is the process of getting incorporated?

You can initiate the process of getting incorporated by doing one of the following :

i. You can directly reach out to our team by writing to rize-registrations@razorpay.com. or
ii. You can fill the form available on the dashboard - you get access to the dashboard once you get accepted into the community.

Following this, our team helps you scope out your exact requirements, obtain the relevant documents and make the necessary payments. Once this stage of the process is completed, we move ahead with making the necessary filings with the regulatory authorities and obtaining the appropriate certifications.

2. How many days does the incorporation process take?

Provided all the relevant documents are ready, we have successfully helped a number of founders incorporate their companies in less than 14 days.

3. Who can help from the Rize team with the incorporation process, and how do I connect to them?

For any help related to incorporation, post your queries in the #help channel on Discord or reach out to the Rize Registration team at rize-registrations@razorpay.com.

Rize.Tools Deals :

1. What is the process of availing Razorpay product deals post onboarding?

Within a few days of getting onboarded, the Razorpay Sales team reaches out to you to understand your Razorpay’s product deals requirements. Share the deals that you find useful and get your account activated.

2. Can I avail myself of a Razorpay Rize deal if I am an existing product user?

No, you will not be able to avail of the Rize deal for a Razorpay product if you have been using it before joining Razorpay Rize.

3. How do I avail the deals after I am onboarded?

In the onboarding email from the Razorpay Rize team, you will get access to the DealBook, where you can find different deals within Rize Tools and how to apply for them.

4. What is a general timeline for the deals to get processed?

Each deals’ timeline varies for different companies, however, an ideal process takes about a week.

5. How do I onboard my products on the Rize marketplace?

To offer your products on the Rize community and become a part of the Rize Marketplace:

1. Write an email proposal about the product offering to rize+marketplace@razorpay.com

2. The Rize team will evaluate your product offering and process it further.

6. Who can help from the Rize team with the deal queries, and how do I connect to them?

For any help related to deals, post your queries in the #help channel on Discord or reach out to rize-registrations@razorpay.com or Saurabh Siddhartha (saurabh.siddhartha@razorpay.com).

Rize.Connect  Community :

1. What can we do in the Rize community?

You can do a bunch of things in the Rize community :

1. Connect with other startup founders

2. Share insights/opinions/suggestions on specific discussions

3. Ask for help

4. Attend events

5. Find your support system while building a startup

2. Can we add our co-founders and other team members to the community?

The Rize community is for the founders only. You can add co-founders too, but not team members.

3. Can our team members sign up for events happening in the community?

Yes! If you find the sessions conducted by Rize beneficial for your business, sign up using the event registration link.

4. Who can help from the Rize team with the queries related to the community, and how do I connect to them?

For any help related to the community, post your queries in the #help channel on Discord or reach out to Aditi Gera (aditi.gera@razorpay.com).

Razorpay Products :

1. Where to reach out for an issue with a Razorpay product?

For any help related to Razorpay products, post your queries in the #help channel on Discord and or reach out to Salilpreet Bedi (salilpreet.bedi@razorpay.com).

2. Is it possible to take international payments on Razorpay and route them to a US bank account?

Not as of yet.

3. If someone pays through the EMI option on Razorpay, is the full amount settled in my bank account?

Yes, as the EMI is an arrangement between the customer and the bank, the merchant will receive the full amount in the bank account.

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